WHY KonsulteC ?

“KonsulteC” is the key to your ladder of success. We give you ‘Infinite Solutions' in the form of a Communicative approach to catalyse the innate skills which lie dormant inside you, to tackle all the obstacles that you face daily in both personal and professional life. We promise to make you diligent enough and enable you to compete with the dynamic world and prosper in life. Our campus is situated in the heart of a village amidst a natural surrounding, highly equipped with modern amenities,natural art studio hut,craftworkshop,high-end computer training centre.



"Communi" deals with imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. We have planned the package in such a way that would give every student a communicative boost to make him/herself confident in any phase of one’s life.


"Art & Crafts" wing of KonsulteC consisting of a natural art studio hut where we shape the creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

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Chandan Giri

Highly enthusiastic businessman. Well known for his good deeds. Known for his interest in creating new ventures. A hardcode business mind and a successful real estate builder. Love to love people, love to grow along with people. Keen to innovate keen to serve the society. An infinite solution provider.


Highly energetic, hard worker. A well known service provider. Eminent on his service field. Since he is known to many he knows many. He is a solution provider. An infinite solution provider.

Ramlakhan Giri

Expert on his zone keen to learn keen to explore, keen to serve. A hardworker an infinite solution provider.

Rajub Ali khan

A hard-working guy, known for his knowledge in different fields. A designer indispensable on his field keen to learn keen to help others. Keen to serve the society. An infinite solution provider.

Palash Paramanick

High on energy, A professional dancer. Known for sense of humour. A good speaker and loveable too. A keen learner. An infinite solution provider.

Sheweta Srivastava

Highly experienced and expertise on her field. A keen learner and love to make people learn. A trainer who knows how to train a dragon. Loveable and respected too. Love to care for people. An infinite solution provider.

Rebeka khatun

Highly capable of creativity. An emerged artist. Keen to learn. Experienced on her field. An explorer. Distinguishable among her world. An infinite solution provider.

Nishat Parvin

Small but noticeable. Keen learner. Highly enthusiastic. An infite solution provider


Greetings from KonsulteC.
We are organising a Sit and Draw Competition and Blood Donation Camp On 14 th April at our KonsulteC Campus( Gobour Jhuri Paka Pole) There are 2 categories for Sit And Draw Competition: Category A: 8 years to 14 Years, Oil Pastel , Landscape with One Figure Category B: 14 years to 18 years , Water Colour , Landscape with 2 or more figure. Participants are requested to carry Pencil, Eraser, Sharpner, colours Water and Paper will be provided by the organiser. Come and Join us .
More Details contact : 9007349380 / 8910420153 / 8777701199
Visit: konsultec.org

Admission Going On- Join and Experience the Unconventional Learning Process.

Teachers Day celebration at KonsulteC Campus

Our School Tie Up with Deshbandhu Palli seva Santosh Kumari Sekha Niketan

Independence Day Celebration at KonsulteC Campus

Our School Tie Up with Bawali Pallimongal High School

Our School Tie Up with Dongaria Anumati Balika Vidyalaya

Our School Tie Up with Ariapara High School

Our School Tie Up with Baratala Poali High School

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